Eton Triathlon - HOT HOT HOT!


FINISHING being the aim of today in 33’c heat! 800m swim 31.5km bike and 7.5km hot hot run - 2:04. 3rd in my age group and 10th in the women’s race.

Today wasn’t about racing for me it was my longest ever distance and I wanted to enjoy it and finish safely in the heat.

Race Report:

SWIM - 800m swim went well and I was one of the first out of the water. I finally mastered the art of sighting the markers which made for a much more comfortable and enjoyable swim as I didn't go off course too much! The wetsuit was hot though but I decided the buoyancy provided by the wetsuit outweighed the heat discomfort today.

BIKE - 6 laps was mentally tough. No shade and direct heat around 33'c with very little wind. Hydration was key to survival especially thinking about the upcoming 7.5km run. My nutrition plan was already set out the day before and I knew that I would have two drinks of my electrolytes around each lap of the course.

RUN - 7.5km run in the heat - tough! There is no other word for it - yes, I felt like giving up and walking almost every minute of it but knew that once I stopped it would be even harder to continue again so I kept a steady pace around 5:30 min/km and kept going. I had taken my running drink bottle and kept taking little sips along the way to keep hydrated and to keep fatigue and sun stroke at bay. My running visor helped a lot too so planning your kit for the weather is essential!

Special thanks to Tanja Slater for getting me to the start in a strong fitness position and for the pre race talk - invaluable for confidence! Now time for some COLD water and rest.

Lovely to race with Sonya Tate too - it kept me going on the run knowing I would see a friendly face! X

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