In January of this year, I set a new year's resolution of attempting a triathlon, it was only a novice level but it was a triathlon nonetheless. It was something I always wanted to do but never did, as like many mums, I never thought I would have the time to put in the training, especially as three different sports are involved. It was time for no more excuses and on my "To Do List for 2018!" it went. I hadn't swam since I left school (a long time ago!) except for a few laps of a pool on holiday and I didn't even own a bike!

6 months later, a lot of early morning swims in Shepparton Lake and the gym pool, a brand new road bike and a 54 mile London to Brighton bike ride under my belt and many sprints around Richmond Park, not to mention countless weight training sessions and I was ready to attempt putting all 3 sports together.

Race Day! Nothing could have prepared me for doing my first triathlon on the hottest day of the year when at 11:45am it was already 32'c with no shade or cloud in sight! We were advised against wearing a wetsuit for our open water swim (I hadn't trained in open water without one!) and we were told by the race organisers to "take it slowly" due to the heat. After setting up my bike and kit in my dedicated transition space I headed over to the edge of Eton Dorney Lake where the swim was to start. READY, STEADY, GO!!! and I was off. Slowly did it and 8 minutes later I was out of the lake in 12th place and into my first transition. I took it slowly as I was feeling a little dizzy and then into my cleat shoes (most people just wore trainers so I had a double shoe change) and onto my bike I got. I loved the bike ride and found lots of opportunities to overtake my fellow competitors and wave to my support crew (husband and daughter).

After 2 laps of the lake I was heading into my second transition and into the running leg. It was the shortest competitive run I had ever done but the hardest. The heat was getting too me despite drinking a bottle of water on my bike so I opted for a quick, short cadence and kept going all the way to the finish. I had a time of sub 1 hour in my head going into the race but having never done a triathlon before it was just a rough guess and never would I have thought I would knock a whole 8 minutes off to come in 16/69 with a time of 52 minutes with only seconds between the top 20 women. I thoroughly enjoyed my first triathlon an by the time I went to bed I had signed up for another one!


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