Tough Mudder 2017

On Saturday, 29th April 2017 Fiona Studt (a Buggyfit mum) and myself, along with another Buggyfit instructor and mum from Peterborough, took part in Tough Mudder 2017 in Henley. After waiving all responsibility for personal injury and swearing the Tough Mudder oath we set off around the grueling Tough Mudder course, unaware of the obstacles which were waiting for us to conquer. This photo sums up the morning of muddy fun (if you want to see more they are on our Facebook page). Fiona, you are a true Tough Mudder – you flew over the obstacles like Wonderwoman!

If anyone would like to enter a similar race please let me know and I am sure I can find one with a mud bath especially for you (far cheaper than a day spa and so much more fun!)

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